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Eco-Age taps former JW Anderson chief as new CEO

By Huw Hughes



Sustainable business agency Eco-Age has appointed former JW Anderson chief Simon Whitehouse as its new CEO.

Whitehouse, who is also the former CEO of creative agency Art Partner, will succeed Nicola Giuggioli, who co-founded Eco-Age with his sister Livia Firth in 2008 and who will take on the role of chairman.

“We cannot deny nor ignore the negative impact [the fashion industry] has on our planet - plain and simple - and it’s our moral obligation as human beings to urgently reverse this into positivity,” Whitehouse said in a release.

“Nobody has been more pioneering in this relentless pursuit of good than Livia Firth, Nicola Giuggioli and the incredible team at Eco-Age: the oracle on sustainability. The virtual edition of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2020 was testament to that truly visionary spirit, and I feel humbled, honoured and invigorated to join Eco-Age for this critical next chapter.”

The leadership transition comes following a period of growth for Eco-Age in 2020, having secured 10 new clients and expanded into digital content creation.

Livia Firth commented: “I have known Simon for years and always admired him, both personally and in his work. Eco-Age is a very special company, quite unique, and Simon’s experience but mostly his humanity makes him the best CEO Nicola and I could have ever dreamt of.

“Our client portfolio is incredibly varied, our events are ambitious, and we pride ourselves to always drive forward the sustainability agenda in a fun and engaging way. Simon’s deep understanding of the complexities in every business, of the opportunities we have today with technology and also his charitable work on mental health will really lead the company into a new era and we are all incredibly excited about it.”

Photo: Simon Whitehouse, courtesy of Eco-Age

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