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Ecoalf enters Japanese market with Sanyo Shokai Ltd. partnership

By Huw Hughes


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Spanish eco-label Ecoalf is entering the Japanese market with a joint-venture with Japanese clothing company Sanyo Shokai Ltd..

Ecoalf said it hopes to open its first store in Tokyo early next year as part of the omnichannel strategy that will cover retail, online and wholesale.

Founder and president of the Ecoalf, Javier Goyeneche, said in a statement: “I am pleased to announce this partnership with Sanyo in Japan, a market where we see significant growth opportunity specifically in the sustainable fashion lifestyle. What we do, how we do it and with whom we do it, is key for Ecoalf. This is why Sanyo's 70 years of extensive expertise and tradition in the Japanese market is a best-in-class alliance for Ecoalf’s successful expansion into Japan”.

Isao Iwata, president, Sanyo Shokai Ltd., added: “According to WWF reports, if mankind continues to live as it does today, we will need resources equivalent to those of two planets by 2030. Moreover, measures are being considered at the national level to deal with marine pollution caused by plastic garbage as an international issue.

“Through our business activities, Sanyo, together with Ecoalf, will work to create a new business model with low environmental impact and to promote a sustainable society both for the next generation and for the future.”

Photo credit: Ecoalf, Facebook

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