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Edited releases latest sustainability report

By Rosalie Wessel

22 Oct 2021


Image: Edited Facebook

Retail intelligence company Edited has released its latest sustainability report.

Analysing the evolution of sustainable fashion , the report discusses what measures are being taken by retailers to become more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the report found, with more retailers converting products to become more ecologically conscious. Mentions of sustainability have also increased 84 percent in emails to consumers since 2019.

The report found that sustainable apparel is more expensive, with sustainable menswear priced 12 percent higher than its counterpart, while womenswear was priced 4 percent higher.

Other findings showed sustainable home goods rising in popularity, with pieces made out of recycled material or bamboo becoming a staple. Out of the new sustainable products being released, footwear takes up 7 percent in menswear and 3 percent in womenswear.

Edited also noted that while there has been a shift towards sustainability, the fast fashion industry has only continued to grow, with new fast fashion product arrivals up by 19 percent since the beginning of the year.

The Sustainability Edit also suggests possible steps that retailers can take. “Right now, sustainability is top-of-mind for consumers, but tomorrow the focus could shift so retailers need to be agile and protect their bottom line,” said market analyst for Edited, Kayla Marci.

Some suggestions include ending the fashion industries’ reliance on cotton, noting that retailers should begin looking at unconventional materials to create more sustainable clothes.

A tight timeline is also needed, the report states, with the next five to ten years being crucial in terms of environmental impact. “Retailers need to revamp their processes,” the report said, “and not rely solely on offsetting excess emissions.”