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Esmod showcases students' end-of-year collections in an exhibition in Paris

By Herve Dewintre


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Credit: Herve Dewintre

From now until 8 July, the creations of fashion design students from Esmod's Paris, Lyon and Roubaix campuses will be on show at the Appart Renoma in the french capital.

While Studio Berçot has just announced that it will be closing its doors for good, the Esmod group, which recently boasted the title of top French school in the international rankings published by CeoWorld magazine, is carving out its own distinctive image under the leadership of Véronique Beaumont-Tordjmann. Esmod's CEO is effectively implementing her strategy of brand elevation by firmly placing the revered Parisian institution under the banner of culture and hybridity.

The introduction of digital fashion, the accreditation by the french Ministry of Higher Education and Research, a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa through e-learning and a wide range of collaborations are just a few examples of the CEO's vision and strategy: to bring more than 180 years of history and innovation into the 21st century. How can this be done? By offering a curriculum that is in line with developments in the fashion industry, but also in symbiosis with changes in society.

The latest manifestation of this vision is the decision to present the students' end-of-year collections to the general public through an exhibition in a culturally significant venue. Until 8 July the Appart Renoma, a space in the 16th arrondissement of Paris dedicated to artistic encounters, will be showcasing the work of students from the 'Class of 2023 Fashion Design'. These students were trained at the Lyon, Paris and Roubaix campuses of the fashion school, whose international campuses span 12 countries. The exhibition space is located above the historic boutique of designer Maurice Renoma, which first opened its doors in 1963.

"Like Maurice Renoma, we believe in the hybridisation of technical skills and competencies. We also share his desire to be able to express ourselves with complete freedom," explained Beaumont-Tordjmann. The exhibition is the first in a collaboration that is intended to be a long-term one, and the diversity of the creative approaches on show is truly impressive. Sculptural garments, 3D prints, sketchbooks and photographs instantly capture the pulse of a generation with a unique way of looking at the world. "The foundations are there, solid, integrated but decompartmentalised in their execution," insists Véronique Beaumont-Tordjmann, adding: "This exhibition, dubbed 'Esmod Hors les Murs' (Esmod Outside the Walls), also provides an opportunity for the talents on show to come face to face with the gaze of another audience.

The selection also focused on the commitment of the talent. "They want to be socially committed and inclusive. They are keenly aware of the environment and the future of our planet. Their application of the most diverse techniques, their attention to recycling and the transparency of their sourcing are a source of emotion that we wanted to highlight." A passion shared by fashion designer Maurice Renoma, a historic figure in the fashion world who has dressed icons such as Andy Warhol and Jean Seberg: "Sharing and passing on knowledge to new generations is what interests me most today. And I felt that Esmod was the ideal place to consider what we could offer students.”

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.fr

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