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Esprit to launch business hubs focused on global expansion and customer engagement

By Rachel Douglass

13 May 2022


Image: Esprit

California lifestyle brand Esprit has revealed a new initiative designed to reinvent customer engagement experiences through data analytics.

Consisting of a network of hubs for business innovation and technology, Esprit Futura comes as part of the retailer’s digital strategy and looks to utilise data to drive its global expansion.

The hubs will aim to develop new methodologies related to commerce solutions, with the goal of developing Esprit’s newly established customer-centric vision through products and experiences for both consumers and wholesalers.

Projects that will be initially looked into include the likes of advanced digital showrooms, shopping experiences and designing a data analytics framework dedicated to predicting consumer behaviour and trends.

Led by Esprit’s chief technology officer, Edwin Pak, Futura is set to work alongside existing business units to accelerate research and development efforts in the digital space. The team will consist of global Esprit leaders, digital commerce experts, next-generation developers and technology specialists.

“We are robustly expanding our footprint across the board…”

Additionally, the initiative will act as a launchpad for future collaborations with partners and start-ups also focused on business operation optimisation and e-commerce technology.

To launch the programme, Esprit will be opening its first Futura hub in the third quarter of 2022 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The team will work at the city’s first eco-neutral environment and digital playground for retailers.

Its placement in the region is part of Esprit’s strategy to expand within the European market, with the plan to establish other regional hubs in Asia and America to follow.

“We are robustly expanding our footprint across the board,” said the brand’s chief executive officer, William Pak, in a release. “Given the immense potential for innovation in Europe, I am thrilled to launch our first Futura hub in Amsterdam, a recognised innovation nexus for the region. Energising our European operations including our German base in Ratingen, we are all excited for what is to come and our continued growth.”