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Evrnu debuts material made from 100 percent textile waste

By Rachel Douglass

4 Apr 2022


Image: Evrnu

Textile innovations company Evrnu has launched a new recyclable lyocell fibre that utilises cotton waste as a way to replace plastic-based materials.

The cotton waste product, labelled 100 percent NuCycl r-lyocell, also enables the material to maintain full recyclability.

As the firm’s first commercially available material, Evrnu advanced an existing lyocell manufacturing method, traditionally used to process virgin wood, which it has utilised to quickly scale the chemical recycling solutions.

Since its founding in 2014, the textile company has raised 31 million dollars in funding and is currently building a new facility in the US to further scale its fibre solutions. In a release, the firm said the new facility will be able to service 17,000 metric tonnes of pulp and 2,000 tonnes of fibre per year.

Evrnu’s first product made from the material is a t-shirt by Carlos Campos, which will be available through the designer’s website and aims to showcase the material’s qualities.

In the coming months, Evrnu hopes to continue commercialising NuCycl through a range of brand partners.

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