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Facts & figures of the biggest Chinese fashion companies: Bosideng

By Jing Gu

16 Aug 2018

Founded in 1976 by Gao Dekang, Bosideng has 7,579 retail outlets across China, making it the largest down clothing company in the country. In October 2007, Bosideng International Holdings Limited was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and through years of development is now valued at 26.818 billion RMB. There are six core brands under the group selling down clothing, which include Bosideng, Snow Flying, Kangbo, Bingjie, Mogao and Shangyu.

These brands offer a wide range of down clothing products targeting various consumer segments. According to China Industrial Information Issuing Centre (CIIIC), in terms of sales in 2010, Bosideng, Snow Flying, Kangbo and Bingjie down clothing products achieved a combined market share of 36.7 percent in China. Through these brands, the group strengthens and further expand its leading position in the down clothing industry. Bosideng was the leading clothing brand in China for 16 consecutive years from 1995 to 2010, based on the data from CIIIC and the National Bureau of Statistic of China.

To optimize its product mix and increase profitability, the group has adopted a non-seasonal product development strategy. Currently, the non-down clothing products of the Group include Bosideng Man, Bosideng Ricci and D.D. Cat kids wear, Vetallo high-end menswear and the franchise project of Rocawear in the Greater China Region. The Bosideng menswear business developed rapidly and has already set up 979 retail outlets throughout China, while the franchise project of Rocawear in the Greater China Region has opened seven consignment counters in major cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Apart from investing in the continuous development of the non-down clothing businesses, the group is actively exploring opportunities to expand internationally. In 1993, Bosideng opened its first overseas factory in Russia as the first step to expand globally. Bosideng’s outlets can now be found in major cities around the world like New York, Tokyo, Paris and Vancouver. And in 2012, Bosideng opened its flagship store in London and set up headquarters in the UK for the whole of Europe.


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This article was originally written for FashionUnited. Edited by Justine Browning.