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Facts & figures of the biggest Chinese fashion companies: Shanshan Group

By Jing Gu

15 Jun 2018

Founded in 1989 Ningbo, China, Shanshan Group started as a small factory manufacturing men’s suits, garments and apparels. Over the years, it has become one of the most famous fashion brands in mainland China, expanding its product lines into luxury womenswear and menswear.

In 1998 and 1999, Shanshan group launched its high end fashion line known as FLRS, marketing the initial phase of its multi-brand strategy. Following a collaboration with clothing manufacturers in Japan, Italy, France and USA, the group now owns 19 different product brands to meet various consumer needs; including FLRS men and women, Smalto, Renoma, LUBIAM, Marco, Azzali, QUA, IORI, Le Coq Sportif, S2 city life, Bellsen and so on.

At this moment, Shanshan group has 2 listed companies, 7 company affairs agencies worldwide, 12 product developing companies, 12 industrial companies, 19 branding companies and almost 3000 franchised stores throughout the main cities in China.

With 37 percent market share, Shanshan has been the number one men’s suit brand for 8 consecutive years since 2010. And it has been chosen as one of the “Best Valued 500 Chinese Brands” by World Economic Forum and World Brand Lab recently. According to these two organizations, the intangible asset of Shanshan group is 7.9 billion RMB (1.2 billion USD) and its total turnover in 2017 reaches 38 billion RMB (5.9 billion USD).

To strengthen market influence and diversify group industries, Shanshan investment holding company was established in December 2003. The business of this new company has reached out into technical manufacturing like providing materials for Li-ion batteries, financial services, as well as real estate developments.

Although the group has seen tremendous growth in investment and technology sectors, Haiping Hu the CEO of Shanshan group insisted in a public statement that clothing was still Shanshan’s most important strategic industry.

This article translated and edited by Kelly Press.

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