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Glossier lays off retail workers

By Kristopher Fraser


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Glossier, once a burgeoning beauty company, has felt the effects of coronavirus. The company had originally furloughed their 200 or so retail workers when the pandemic forced them to close their stores, but now they have resorted to laying them off entirely to cut costs. Glossier currently has retail stores in New York, London, and Los Angeles. On June 1, they began furloughing retail store employees.

On August 7, the company's CEO Emily Weiss revealed that Glossier would be laying off all 150 U.S. retail store employees and 50 employees in London. Glossier will be providing laid off employees three months of severance pay, health insurance through October, and additional wellness and mental health services.

The London store, which is a pop-up, was staffed by an outside party who won't see their contracts renewed after this month. Glossier isn't the only one who has had to lay off furloughed workers. Macy's cut 3900 jobs in an effort to balance their books after the economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic. Other retailers ranging from J. Crew to Brooks Brothers have resorted to filing bankruptcy.

photo: via glossier.com