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Google introduces new shopping features, including 3D shopping

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Google

Search engine Google has debuted a range of new shopping features it said are designed to bring shoppers a more immersive and personalised shopping experience.

The features come as part of the platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) model, Shopping Graph, which provides merchants with data-backed information and the ability to have their products found easier.

One of its first revealed additions allows users in the US to search the word ‘shop’ next to whatever item they are looking for to produce a visual feed and research tools linked to the product.

Alongside this, the platform now provides a ‘shop the look’ option, showing images of an item and complementary pieces to help in assembling an outfit.

Shoppers will also be able to view what items are currently trending, read a buying guide to simplify purchases and be offered page insights to see what other shoppers think of the product.

A further feature includes more personalised results and recommendations based on previous shopping habits, which a user can control and turn off if necessary.

Its final feature sees the expansion of Google’s 3D visuals in shopping, which it initially launched for home goods.

The 3D imagery can now be used for visuals of shoes, starting with sneakers, when you search for them through Google.

Shoppers can view sneakers with automated 360-degree spins via new technology that Google said in a blog post will be available within the coming months.