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Google to begin testing AI-powered shopping

By Rachel Douglass


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Google logo. Image: Unsplash

Google has revealed its plans regarding the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its shopping feature.

Like other tech giants, the firm has turned its attention towards the latest buzzword AI to develop fresh ways to browse the internet, with new features introduced to its Search Labs platform, where it is possible to access early experiments in Search.

Through the new capabilities, it will be possible for users to receive an AI-powered snapshot of key information regarding their enquiry, with links to go more in depth on the topic and the option to select suggested next steps.

A similar element has also been applied to Google’s shopping feature, which will now provide noteworthy factors and related products to the item you are searching for, including descriptions that feature reviews, prices and imagery.

In a blog post on the topic, Elizabeth Reid, Google’s vice president and general manager of Search, noted that the company would be taking “a responsible and deliberate approach” to introducing these AI capabilities, noting that it would continue to make improvements over time.

Google will gather and incorporate feedback through its Search Labs experiments, which are available to use via Chrome desktop and through the Google App in the US.