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H&M Group invests in Rondo Energy to further strengthen their climate strategy

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Renewable energy Credits: Unsplash

Swedish fashion giant H&M Group is partnering with Rondo Energy, a leading provider of zero-carbon industrial heat and power, to research the potential of applying heat storage technologies in its supply chain.

In addition, H&M is also investing in Rondo and joining its strategic investor advisory board (SIAB) to further assist Rondo in providing clean, affordable heat to textile factories around the globe. Unlike conventional batteries, Rondo Heat Batteries use traditional, century-old materials and advanced automation to convert intermittent renewable electricity into consistent, high-temperature heat and power for industries, including textile production.

Together, H&M Group and Rondo will explore the possibilities of replacing fossil fuels with clean energy in the group's global supply chain using Rondo Heat Batteries. H&M Group Ventures' investments will also support Rondo's international expansion and the development of storage projects to meet this demand.

H&M Group and Rondo's collaborate to replace fossil fuels in global supply chain

Rondo Heat Batteries achieve significant decarbonization by altering the fuel source rather than the factory setup. By joining Rondo's advisory board, H&M Group will collaborate with global leaders like Rio Tinto, Aramco Ventures, SABIC, SCG, TITAN, and SEEIT, all striving for large-scale, low-cost, zero-carbon energy solutions for their operations.

"Producing and finishing fabrics requires large amounts of low-cost energy, which makes our brick batteries a perfect fit," said John O'Donnell, founder and chief innovation officer of Rondo Energy, in a statement. "Today, coal delivers most of the heat and most of the carbon pollution, making fabrics because it's always been cheap and simple to burn. But the world is changing. Region by region around the world, wind and solar power are becoming cheaper than fossil fuels. At Rondo, we've created a simple, practical tool to harness those new energy sources."

The global fashion industry is often labeled as "hard to decarbonize" due to its structure and demand for low-cost energy. Currently, the fashion industry is estimated to be responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, which continues to rise annually. According to the H&M Group, Rondo Heat Batteries can replace most fossil fuels in fabric production, potentially reducing the carbon footprint of our clothing by nearly two-thirds.

"Rondo is thrilled to be working in partnership with H&M Group to explore how our technology can be of use in their supply chain and to have H&M as an investor and member of our Strategic Investor Advisory Board," said Eric Trusiewicz, CEO of Rondo Energy, in a statement.

The announcement comes months after the H&M Group teamed up with Bestseller and the Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) to develop the first offshore wind project in Bangladesh to begin streamlining the sector's transition to renewable energy. In recent years, H&M Group has consistently invested in decarbonizing its supply chain through initiatives that help suppliers reduce energy consumption, increase renewable electricity use, and replace fossil fuels.

"Rondo is H&M Group Venture's first investment in decarbonization technology. The company's thermal battery energy storage has the potential to help factories electrify, which is key to achieving our climate targets. We look forward to working closely with Rondo and the broader ecosystem in scaling decarbonization tech," said Laura Coppen, sustainability investments at H&M Group Ventures, in a statement.

Southeast Asia remains a major production hub for the global textile industry, where companies like H&M Group aim to create positive impacts for people, the planet, and local economies. In May, Rondo and SCG Cleanergy launched Southeast Asia's first heat battery and the world's first cement plant, establishing a large-scale production capacity in Thailand with plans to scale it up to 90 GWh per year. In March 2023, Rondo launched the first commercially operating electric thermal energy storage system in the U.S., featuring the highest efficiency and temperature energy storage globally.

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