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H&M’s resale site Sellpy launches app

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Sellpy, H&M

Second-hand retail platform Sellpy has launched an app for its services that looks to provide users with a new touchpoint for “an improved customer experience”.

H&M, which became a majority owner of the resale platform in 2019, aided in the company’s rapid growth over the past two years, launching it in over 24 markets in keeping with the rise in demand for sustainable fashion.

Now, the platform is taking its operations one step further, introducing the new app to further customer convenience.

“In order to empower everyone to live circular, we want to be able to meet our customers wherever they are,” said Sellpy’s co-founder and CEO, Michael Arnör, in an announcement on H&M’s website.

He continued: “In our strivings to provide a seamless and friction free shopping experience, we are happy to offer this new touchpoint, where customers in all of our 24 markets can update their wardrobes and homes in a more sustainable way.”

The app, developed by an in-house engineering team, is now available to iPhone and Android users. However, Sellpy has stated it will be continuing its development of the app, with plans to add more features over the coming months.