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H&M to launch first STEM programme in UK

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: H&M Spring Statements 2022 campaign

Global retailer H&M is set to launch its first science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) programme in the UK, with a particular focus on driving sustainable fashion solutions.

The initiative, established in partnership with nonprofit Stemettes, hopes to inspire women and non-binary people to consider and take on more STEM roles.

Participants will have access to panel and networking events, mentoring, customer centric technology and product development activities throughout the programme.

It comes as the retail group looks to carry out a global series of STEM initiatives, with the goal of pushing a more inclusive and diverse fashion environment.

“This is about the future and how we bring tech, science and data into the core of what we do,” said H&M’s head of sustainability, Pascal Brun, in a news release. “I think through this program, we could position ourselves and attract future talent which will be a core competence in future.”