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H&M will not open a store in the metaverse

By Caitlyn Terra


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Although various media reports claim otherwise, H&M will not open a store in the metaverse. A spokesperson for H&M confirms to FashionUnited that there has been a misunderstanding and that it will not open a store on the metaverse platform Ceek City.

Earlier this week, the misunderstanding arose because platform Ceek City showed a virtual store of H&M in a tweet. The tweet stated that the virtual store was presented to the Swedish retailer, but did not say that the store was made in collaboration with H&M.

Ceek also clarifies on its own Twitter channel that the video that was seen earlier is about a concept that was presented to H&M. “We are currently in talks with people at H&M to make this a reality, but at the moment it is not yet.”

December saw a true metaverse sprint in the fashion world with companies such as Balenciaga, the Italian fashion group OTB and Adidas announcing additional steps in the virtual world. Some even set up a dedicated industry to develop products and experiences for the metaverse.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.NL.