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Hair brand Vegamour launches in the UK

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Vegamour; Dan Hodgdon and Nicole Kidman

Hair wellness brand Vegamour, which offers a holistic, 360º approach to promoting fuller, thicker, longer-looking hair, has launched in the UK following investment from actress Nicole Kidman in May.

Vegamour is committed to the idea that great hair need not come at the expense of animals and utilises the latest advances in clean, bimolecular technology to ensure that each plant-based ingredient in every product they formulate is optimised for maximum efficiency.

Its 100 percent vegan products combine science and nature to offer customers hair treatments that take into consideration the health of the entire follicular ecosystem, while also working to promote a healthy environment for hair to flourish naturally.

Every product and each ingredient have been designed “to work in tandem to form a complete, holistic approach,” explains Vegamour in the press release, “to address both the symptoms and underlying causes of visible hair damage, thinning and loss,” and to establish a healthy hair and scalp ecosystem.

Image: Vegamour

Vegamour has launched its top-rated GRO collection in the UK, offering customers products for hair, lashes and brow. Key products include the shampoo, conditioner and hair serum designed to strengthen strands for fuller, thicker, longer-looking hair. It cleanses and restores hair naturally with its proprietary Karmatin, a vegan alternative to Keratin, which forms a deeply restorative, vegan silk barrier that smooths and protects.

Other products on the brand’s UK website include a scalp detoxifying serum, lash serum, hair foam, brow serum, a revitalising scalp massager, and organic bamboo hair bands. Prices start from 14 pounds.

Vegamour plots further international expansion following investment from Nicole Kidman

Image: Vegamour; Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was announced as the plant-based brand’s wellness advocate and investor in May when Vegamour confirmed that the partnership with the actress was the first step in the company's global expansion plans. The wellness haircare brand launched into more than 400 Sephora doors in the US and has set out plans to “rapidly” continue its international expansion to Europe, China and Australia later this year following its UK launch. The brand is also looking to expand into hair maintenance and clean styling categories in late 2022 and 2023.

Commenting on why she wanted to invest in Vegamour, Kidman said in a statement: "It wasn't about being the face of the brand or selling products, but being an advocate for a holistically-minded lifestyle that prioritizes self-care.

"Once I learned about where they source ingredients and how they are supporting those communities through ethical harvesting, I knew that I wanted to support that mission."

Vegamour chief executive Dan Hodgdon added: "We hadn't set out looking for a partner, but once I met Nicole it just made sense. We're aligned across the board, from the importance of a natural, holistic approach to optimal hair wellness, to our focus on sustainability, biodiversity, social impact, and product efficacy."

Image: Vegamour
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