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Hawkers makes it to the Spain’s top10 startups in 2018

By Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez


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New York - Spanish startups saw record investment levels in 2018: a total of 1,22 billion euro was raised across 198 transactions. According to ‘Startups Real’, Hawkers, the fashion sunglasses manufacturer raised 20 million euro in new funding over the last year, making it to the top10 of Spanish startups.

About a year ago, in January, 2018, O’Hara Capital, the fund of Venezuelan multi-millionaire Alejandro Betancourt, the majority shareholder of the Elche-based sunglass company Hawkers, led a new round of funding for 20 million euros to finance the company’s growth. This was not the first time, as Betancourt had already participated in a funding round for 50 million euro in 2016.

Hawkers’ founders launch online fashion venture in 2019

Soon after completing this funding round, Álex Moreno, founder of Hawkers, decided to move on and set a new online fashion venture with his brothers and another early member of the sunglasses Company. This was the birth of Neon Coco, a low cost clothing Brand for women, and Polo Club, a brand which aims at bringing the Ralph Lauren’s preppy style “at affordable prices”.

Both labels are owned by Hawkx Capital, participated in a 90 percent by Alex Moreno and Alejandro Sanchez (10 percent) reports ‘El Periodico’.

Founded in 2013, it took Hawkers only three years to generate 70 million euro worth of income, sell over two million sunglasses and be profitable. A year later, their sales grew double-fold.

Photo: Hawkers, EU e-commerce site
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