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HermèsFit to globally launch series of interactive experiences

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: HermèsFit

French luxury house Hermès will soon be inviting the public to its interactive world of HermèsFit in Paris, a global initiative created to appeal to the active side of its consumer whilst showcasing the house’s iconic accessories.

For its first event hosted in the École des Beaux-Arts, HermèsFit will host a number of activities including carré yoga, stretch’ceinture and chapeau balance. On entry to the site, visitors will be met by a team of sports coaches and will be encouraged to choose a Hermès accessory, such as silk scarves, bracelets and shoes, to use throughout the sessions.

Alongside classes, the suitably orange-coloured dedicated space will offer a weights rack, barbells, a HermèsFit boxing ring, climbing wall and punch bags adorned in silk scarf motifs. A photo booth and juice bar will also be present at the location.

The ongoing activations follow a number of wellness-based initiatives carried out by the house this year. Following the release of a fitness campaign in February, Hermès launched a series of mini exercise programmes through China’s popular social media app, WeChat.

This first event will get the ball rolling for similar interactive experiences to be hosted by HermèsFit, with stopovers around the world, including in Tokyo, New York, Taiwan and Shanghai.

The label stated in a release: “This unique event plays on the joy of exercise thanks to the house’s emblematic accessories”.

Its first event in Paris is set to launch December 1 to 5.