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Hybrid working model introduced for Primark office employees

By Rachel Douglass

20 Aug 2021


Image: Primark

Multi-chain retailer Primark has revealed its new hybrid working model as its office-based employees begin to return to in-person work.

From September, its global headquarters in Dublin, Primark House in Reading and its Central Supply Chain office in Islip will all welcome back employees into the physical workspace.

The plan will be implemented in a strategic way, with employees working for an average of three days a week and schedules based on individual roles and team level agreements.

The decision comes in response to the company’s work-type assessments and internal listening sessions composed to anticipate the needs of its employees, business and customers. The new model will replace and expand on Primark’s current flexible working approach. Previously, employees had a choice to work from home or on the go, with additional flexibility on start and finish times.

Returning employees will be joining product teams and central functions teams, who have been office-based in recent months for the sake of business-critical tasks.

“We want to protect our great culture, support our people into the future and continue to innovate for our customers,” said Lorraine Culligan, group director of people and culture, in a statement. “Together, we have taken the learnings and insights from the last 18 months to develop a hybrid working model that gives us the best of both remote and in-person work, balancing flexibility with human connection and collaboration. We plan to implement this change for everyone from September, yet we are living in uncertain times, and we will continue to trial and learn for the foreseeable.”

Primark has stated it will continue to follow government safety guidelines as it transitions into this new evolution of in-person working.

Culligan adds: “We do not have a crystal ball, and the situation is continually changing however this new hybrid model is based on trust and will enable greater personal flexibility, allowing each colleague to blend working from home with working from their Primark workspace.”