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Italian companies launch free master course 'New skills for sustainability in the industrial sector'

By Isabella Naef


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Light blue and white office building with Trezeta Group logo at the top. Credits: Credits: Tre Zeta Group headquarters, courtesy of the company

Tre Zeta Group, a company in Tuscany, Italy that is active in the production of luxury shoe soles, is collaborating with Italian consulting firm Masoni Consulting to launch a new master course entitled 'New skills for sustainability in the industrial sector'. The course is free and will start in October.

Masoni Consulting provides technical and organisational consulting services in the fields of environment, management and quality systems, safety, food hygiene and privacy, and delivers training activities in its role as a training agency. The company is present in Tuscany, in the province of Pisa, and the province of Siena.

The 80-hour training course, which will be taught online, is designed by Masoni Consulting for young people who have recently graduated in scientific disciplines and who wish to embark on a career in the world of sustainability.

The master's course, which delves into the three pillars of environment, social, governance, with a particular focus on the leather, luxury and textile sectors, aims to arm participants with the knowledge that makes them sustainability pros, as well as the resources that are able to develop, implement, monitor and update the strategic sustainability plan of companies.

12 scholarships will fully cover the expenses of participation for the candidates and will give one student the opportunity to join the company through a 160-hour internship in which the student will put the acquired knowledge into practice. Tre Zeta Group contributes to the financing of the scholarships as a partner of the master programme.

"We are very happy to be able to give master course participants the opportunity to learn more about such an important topic as companies' commitment to environmental sustainability,” Fabrizio Mecheri, CEO of Tre Zeta Group, said in a statement.

“Getting in touch with young recent graduates and training them to become the managers of tomorrow is both an opportunity and a challenge for us,” he continued.

“After all, they will be the ones to lead the change over the next few years, bringing new ideas and an innovative vision that is inherently focused on the valorisation of sustainable practices," the executive concluded.

The course is taught in Italian. Those interested can apply via the website of Masoni Consulting.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.IT. Translation and editing from Italian into English by Veerle Versteeg.

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