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JD.com names Lei Xu as the company's new CEO

By Prachi Singh


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Image: JD.com

JD.com, Inc. has announced the appointment of Lei Xu, president of JD.com, as the CEO of the company succeeding Richard Liu. Lei Xu, the company said, will also join the board as an executive director.

Richard Liu will remain as the chairman of the board and continue to focus on guiding the long-term strategies, mentoring younger management, and contributing to the revitalisation of rural areas.

“Lei is highly regarded both inside and outside the company, and has been instrumental to driving JD’s consistent stellar business performance and formulating strategic decisions. I’ll devote more of my time to JD’s long-term strategies and future drivers as we continue to work on the most challenging yet valuable things,” Richard Liu in a statement.

Lei Xu, the company added, has been with JD.com for over a decade. In his most recent role as president of JD.com, he was in charge of the operation and collaborative development of various business units of the company.

Prior to that, Xu held various senior roles in the company, including CEO of JD Retail, chief marketing officer of JD.com, head of JD Wireless and head of marketing department.

“In the past 19 years, Richard has established and upheld JD’s strategic positioning as a supply chain-based technology and service provider and the principle of ‘doing business the right way,’ setting a strong foundation for our future endeavours. I share his business philosophy and commitment, and will continue to create value to our users, business partners and the society,” added Lei Xu.

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