John and Belle Robinson, the separated founders of fashion label Jigsaw, have given out shares to their management team as part of an overall scheme to increase the label's growth in preparation for a potential sale.

A number of directos and several managers at the fashion label, which is led by chief executive Peter Ruis, have been collectively awarded a 9 percent share in Jigsaw, a first for the label. "Probably after two or three years we would need the right investment to go to the next level," said Ruis in a statement. "There are various options."

The shares given out do not entitle its recipitants to a part of any dividend payment and must be renounced when they exit the company. However, share owners could recieve millions if Jigsaw is sold. The fashion label's total sales increased 11 percent to 71 million pounds in the 12 months to September 27, 204, with its EBITDA increasing over 78 percent to 3.14 million pounds.


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