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Kappahl spins off Newbie as separate business unit, appoints Thomas Kusoffsky as VP

By Prachi Singh


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Image: Thomas Kusoffsky via Kappahl

Kappahl is turning the Newbie brand into a separate business unit. To lead the new business unit, Thomas Kusoffsky has been appointed vice president of Newbie.

Kusoffsky, who was previously the CEO of Smarteyes, the company said in a statement, will join Kappahl in the fall. The new organisational structure will be implemented from June 1, 2023.

“Our brands Kappahl and Newbie have different potential, and we want to maximise this potential. Therefore, we are now making Newbie a separate business unit with full responsibility for the Newbie brand," said Elisabeth Peregi, president and CEO of Kappahl.

The company added that the new organisational structure will be introduced from June 1, 2023.

“I am very pleased to welcome Thomas Kusoffsky to Kappahl and to this new role, which is an important part of our work to develop and further build our strong Newbie business. Thomas' leadership and brand experience will be an important ingredient in leading Newbie towards new successes and future expansion,” added Peregi.

Kusoffsky is 51 years old and has for the past ten years been president and CEO of the optical chain Smarteyes. With a background in the advertising industry and experience in leadership and branding, he has held various leadership positions in retail, including marketing manager at Willys/Axfood and creative director at Stadium.

Commenting on his new role as Newbie vice president, Kusoffsky said: “Newbie has great potential and is a fantastic brand. This role has all the parts I am passionate about; to get the opportunity to build a new team, but also to develop one of the strongest brands in the children's clothing category.”

Thomas Kusoffsky