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Kering partners with Prospect 100 to launch design competition

By Rachel Douglass

31 Aug 2021


Image: Prospect 100 Official Website

Competition platform Prospect 100 has teamed up with luxury conglomerate Kering to launch the 2021 Global Design Competition

Competitors must be under 25 and are to be in selected teams to create a presentation on their sustainable solution to an item of their own clothing. The project hosted by both Kering and Prospect 100 aims to bring together a community of young designers to work together on making wardrobes more sustainable. Teams will be made up of individuals on a global scale, each holding complementary talents to those of their teammates.

“I think it’s extremely important for platforms like Prospect 100 to exist,” said a judge for the 2020 Global Design Competition and designer, Sean Wotherspoon, in a testimonial on the organisation’s website. “I was actually part of something similar with Nike, and it’s what really set my life off as a designer. I’ve seen first-hand how an opportunity like this can turn into a life changing opportunity for not only yourself but the world in general. No idea is a small idea, it just hasn’t been given the platform yet. Thank you Prospect 100 for providing that platform.”

Prospect 100’s first competition came during the peak of the Coronavirus period last year, establishing the platform as a way to give talented young people an opportunity to grow in the industry they are in. Since its launch, the platform has hosted a range of competitions for technology innovation, music and design, with participants from all over the world competing for large-scale prizes.

Last year’s design competition saw the organisation collaborate with ViacomCBS Nickelodeon on digital artwork reimagining Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The winner received 7,000 dollars with their design additionally released as official merchandise.

Judges for the current contest include Missoni heiress Margherita Missoni, model Amber Valletta and sustainability specialist Marie-Claire Daveu, with Kering overseeing the competition as a whole. The multi-brand corporation owns a number of prestigious luxury brands, including Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga.

The winning team will receive 4,000 dollars to split between them, a masterclass with the Kering sustainability team and free access to the Shape Fashion’s Future programme by Institut Français de la Mode.

Image: Prospect 100