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Kim Kardashian ‘reevaluating’ relationship with Balenciaga following controversial campaigns

By Rachel Douglass


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Kim Kardashian. Image: Balenciaga, collection Alta Costura 51ST. Balenciaga.

Kim Kardashian has spoken out after Balenciaga came under scrutiny for several controversial images from two of its campaigns.

In a post on Instagram, Kardashian, who features heavily in the brand’s marketing and regularly dons its clothing, said she had remained quiet since the backlash as she wanted to speak to the team to understand how the situation could have occurred.

In her statement, the reality star said: “As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the disturbing images.

“The safety of the children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalise child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society – period.”

Kardashian went on to state that, after speaking with the team, they understood the seriousness of the issue and would take “the necessary measures for this to never happen again”.

Despite this, Kardashian said she was currently “reevaluating” her relationship with the Spanish luxury brand based on “their willingness to accept accountability” and their actions to protect children.

Backlash faced by Balenciaga came in relation to a holiday campaign in which children were seen holding teddy bears sporting bondage gear.

Another earlier campaign for a collaboration between the brand and Adidas, brought to light by social media users, showed documents that appeared to reference a lawsuit regarding child pornography and a convicted sex offender.

Responding to criticism, Balenciaga removed the images both off its website and social media, stating that it would be “taking legal action against the parties responsible” for the shoots.

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