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Klarna launches loyalty card feature in app

By Rachel Douglass

27 Jun 2022


Image: Klarna

Payment service Klarna has announced the launch of a new Loyalty Card feature in its app allowing users to access physical loyalty cards digitally.

Supporting 8,000 loyalty card programmes worldwide, users will be able to collect all points and benefits from any associated merchant via the Klarna App.

The launch follows the company’s acquisition of mobile wallet provider Stocard, which has had its services integrated into the app as part of Klarna’s all-in-one approach.

“Physical loyalty cards are an inconvenience in today’s digital world and are therefore often left at home, resulting in consumers missing out on deals and merchants losing a prime opportunity to reinforce brand loyalty,” said product director and founder of Stocard, Björn Goss, in a release.

Goss added: “By equipping Klarna App users with a digital space to collect their loyalty cards, we allow them to reap the rewards of their in-store purchases in a far more convenient way, helping ensure that every penny spent counts towards a return.”

Klarna’s Loyalty Card feature is now available to use in 18 regions, including Canada, the US, the UK and Ireland, with additional markets to gain access to the offer throughout 2022.