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L’Oréal creates Net Zero Salons Programme for UK and Ireland

By Rachel Douglass


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Net Zero Salons Programme, emissions from one appointment. Image: Net Zero Now

Beauty giant L’Oréal has partnered with an organisation on the launch of the ‘Net Zero Salons Programme’ designed to support hair salons in their attempts to reduce carbon emissions and become net zero businesses.

Together with Net Zero Now, the conglomerate hopes to guide salons through the process of calculating, tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions via tailored plans.

The duo hopes the initiative will appeal to the over 30,0000 salons across the UK after its pilot programme revealed that the average appointment produces an estimated 3.1 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Those who sign up to the scheme will work to reduce that figure to two kilograms per appointment by implementing measures that range from switching to renewable energy to improving waste management.

In a release, Thierry Cheval, managing director, L’Oréal UK and Ireland, said: “As market leaders, we recognise the important role we play in empowering our business ecosystem - such as our salon partners - to take steps to be more sustainable.

“We are committed to continuing to support the future of the sector and we look forward to having salons from across the UK and Ireland join the programme as the industry seeks to take climate reduction action.”