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L’Oréal introduces headset that helps consumers select fragrances

By Rachel Douglass

24 Mar 2022


Image: L'Oréal x Emotiv

Beauty giant L’Oréal has taken a new technological approach to fragrance selection in a partnership with Emotiv, a neurotechnology company.

The collaboration, carried out by L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent and Emotiv, involves the introduction of multi-sensor electroencephalography (EEG) headsets to stores, in a bid to enhance the fragrance consultation experience.

The headset utilises machine learning algorithms to interpret EEG and detect consumer behaviour while they smell various scent families, allowing them to determine their preferred scent based on their emotions and reactions.

The technology hopes to help make the fragrance selection process more accurate and personalised, while providing insight into how customers feel about a fragrance.

In a release, CEO of Emotiv, Tan Le, said: “We’re simplifying the decision-making process by connecting emotion and scent through technology - in a way no one has done before. Rooted in science and powerful insights, this technological breakthrough will help consumers decode what fragrances are best suited to their needs.”

With hopes to expand throughout the rest of the beauty industry, the technology will first be available at international Yves Saint Laurent flagship stores later this year and throughout 2023.