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La Perla manufacturing arm declared insolvent

By Caitlyn Terra


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Credits: La Perla, Facebook

There continues to be rumblings surrounding lingerie brand La Perla. The Bologna court has declared La Perla Manufacturing Srl insolvent, several Italian media outlets have reported. This branch of the La Perla Group is responsible for manufacturing the brand. The branch is now in receivership. So it is not (yet) about the entire company behind La Perla.

The news from Italy comes shortly after the judicial liquidation of La Perla Global Management UK began in the UK. This company owns the La Perla brand and all its global assets. As recently as mid-January, a court in Bologna called a halt to the UK company's sale of the brand.

The Italian branch that has now been declared insolvent has about 330 employees, according to media reports. 230 of these work at the production site in Bologna.

La Perla was acquired in 2018. A promise of a relaunch was made, but this relaunch never materialised.

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