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Launchmetrics teams up with Pinterest to provide data to brands and influencers

By Marjorie van Elven


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Launchmetrics, the data insights company specializing in the fashion, beauty and luxury markets, has partnered up with Pinterest to educate brands and influencers on how to best use the visual search platform to gain insights into their audiences, find the right partners to work with and increase the reach and engagement of their campaigns.

“While many brands are leveraging social media to build their own media voice, many still have yet to discover the growing power of Pinterest”, said Katherine Knight, Corporate Communications Director at Launchmetrics, in an email to FashionUnited. According to Launchmetrics, Pinterest is an effective tool to reach consumers at the discovery part of their buying journey, as 97 percent of Pinterest searches are unbranded. Internet users usually take to Pinterest when they’re looking for ideas and inspiration -- precisely the moment they’re open to discover new brands and products, therefore.

As part of the partnership, Launchmetrics’ Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) platform, launched last year, will be integrated into Pinterest, allowing Launchmetrics to gather data and statistics to “enrich” influencer campaigns, Launchmetrics’ Chief Technical Officer, Arnaud Roy, revealed in a statement. “Having access to data is crucial for both influencers, brands and partners like us who facilitate these relationships and helping brands understand the figures so they can make data-driven decisions is at the heart of everything we do at Launchmetrics”, added the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alison Bringé.

To kickstart the partnership, the duo will offer a webinar and a private workshop in London for designers who are part of the British Fashion Council network, on January 24. Participants will be provided with strategic insights on how to optimize their social media campaigns using Launchmetrics’ data and analytics.

In addition, Launchmetrics is set to launch a report in early February called Data in the Runway, analyzing the media impact of 400 brands, including Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Gucci, Victoria Beckham and Moschino, during Fashion Week season.