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Lenzing announces strategic partnership with Karl Mayer Group

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Lenzing fibre

Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based speciality fibres, is teaming up with Karl Mayer Group, who manufacture textile machinery to facilitate the adoption of more botanic, biodegradable and fossil-fuel-free materials during textile production in both warp knitting and flat knitting machines.

In a statement, Lenzing said that the strategic partnership would empower sustainable and aesthetic innovations in flat and warp knits as it strives to increase the adoption of fossil-fuel-free materials to achieve “a greener textile value chain”.

The partnership will enable the adoption of Lenzing-produced Tencel Lyocell fibres and Tencel Lyocell filament yarn in warp knitting machines and further reduce the environmental impact of using Stoll flat knitting machines with the use of carbon-zero Tencel fibres in its fully fashioned flat knitting process.

Florian Heubrandner, vice president of global textiles business at Lenzing, said: “Lenzing continues to join hands with like-minded partners to pioneer solutions that improve the quality of textile products and enable the ongoing sustainable development and growth of the industry.

“Through this partnership with the Karl Mayer Group, we will inspire the textile value chain to take proactive steps towards achieving their climate goals with easier adoption of botanic and biodegradable materials, meeting the needs of brands and consumers who are looking for eco-conscious products.”

Image: Karl Mayer Group

Arno Gärtner, chief executive of Karl Mayer Group, added: “The Karl Mayer Group is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery and always has its finger on the pulse of its markets. In addition to productivity, sustainability has become a key success factor for our customers. We work with pioneers throughout the textile value chain to provide them with solutions that have a low environmental impact.

“Yarn is particularly important in this respect. Recycled man-made fibres can be used with high efficiency on our machines. We want to expand the range of materials that can be processed to include petroleum-free yarn variants through our cooperation with Lenzing. In addition to more sustainability, this will also open up the potential for new product developments.”

Karl Mayer Group