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LK Bennett introduces AI-powered e-commerce fitting service

By Rachel Douglass



LK Bennett, AW23 campaign imagery. Credits: LK Bennett.

British fashion brand LK Bennett has stepped into the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution via a new partnership with tech firm TrueFit, which will see the retailer introduce a new form of online fitting services.

LK Bennett will put to use TrueFit’s Fashion Genome, allowing shoppers to access fit preferences and decode sizing in a bid to increase conversion, reduce returns and drive customer loyalty.

Through the brand’s e-commerce platform, TrueFit’s technology will provide users with recommendations based on its own data, enhanced by AI and continuous machine learning.

LK Bennett will also put to use the cross-market data generated from TrueFit in order to better understand how its customers shop with and outside the brand, helping to inform its own range and category expansion, as well as diversifying consumer purchases.

In a release, Darren Topp, CEO of LK Bennett, said: “We want to be able to create white-glove experiences for our customers when they shop with us through any channel.

“Because our collections are designed to be keep-forever items, we want customers not only to love the quality and craftsmanship of our pieces, but also to have the confidence to purchase knowing the garment will fit them perfectly, based on their individual size preferences, when it arrives, improving customer satisfaction, whilst reducing returns.”

TrueFit’s features have already been implemented onto LK Bennett’s UK e-commerce platform, with AI size and fit personalisations to roll out later this year for its US and European sites.

LK Bennett
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