Lululemon best fashion company to work in the US, according to employees

Recruiting site Glassdoor has revealed the winners of its 2018 Best Places to Work -- Employees’ Choice Award, results which are based on anonymous feedback shared by job applicants and employees. Athletic apparel brand Lululemon is the fashion company with the best performance on the ranking of best places to work, having scored 6th place. After tracking all the input received on its platform in 2017, Glassdoor ranked companies from all sectors according to three categories: best places to work, best places to interview and top CEOs.

Best fashion companies to work in the US, according to Glassdoor users:

  • Lululemon - 6th place
  • Nike - 53rd place
  • J. Crew - 75th place
  • Adidas - 93rd place

J. Crew best fashion company to interview

Fashion companies also rank among the best places to interview. A total of 13 apparel businesses have received enough praise by job applicants to make the Top 100 list. J. Crew is the one with best score, coming in 5th place.

Best fashion companies to interview in the US, according to Glassdoor users:

  • J. Crew - 5th place
  • Adidas- 16th place
  • Banana Republic - 17th place
  • Nordstrom Rack - 24th place
  • Nike - 34th place
  • Ralph Lauren- 41st place
  • Anthropologie - 42nd place
  • Old Navy - 43rd place
  • Lululemon - 44th place
  • American Eagle Outfitters- 48th place
  • Ann Taylor - 58th place
  • H&M - 96th place
  • Kohl’s - 99th place

PVH Corp has the best CEO among fashion companies in the US

As for the top CEOs, PVH Corp’s Emanuel (“Manny”) Chirico is the only chief executive from a fashion brand to appear on the list, landing 79th place. PVH Corp owns a number of brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Speedo. “I’m honored to have been selected to the 2018 Glassdoor Top CEO list, and I’m grateful to our associates for their continued support. This recognition reflects the great collective work of our dedicated associates and the commitment we’ve made to each other as a global team, understanding that we all contribute to our success”, said Chirico in a statement.

Top CEOs in the US, according to Glassdoor users:

  • Emanuel Chirico - 79th place
  • Blake W. Nordstrom - 89th place
  • Mark J. Parker - 95th place

When providing a company review on Glassdoor, employees are asked to share what they perceive to be the pros and cons of working for their employers. They are also encouraged to say whether they feel positively, negatively or neutral about the CEO of the company they work for..

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