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Lush invests in circular recycling facility in Poole

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Federated Hermes/Fleet Corner; Lush, Green Hub

UK-based beauty brand Lush has invested 2.3 million pounds in a new Green Hub at Fleets Corner Business Park in Poole to grow its capabilities in the circular economy.

The Green Hub recycling facility spans 40,128 square feet within Lush’s UK manufacturing and distribution hub at Fleets Corner, which totals 275,000 square feet following the expansion into refurbished warehouse units A1 and A2 in September 2022.

In 2022, Lush’s existing Green Hub scheme recycled 12 tonnes of PP plastic through its ‘Bring it Back’ scheme, encouraging customers to bring back Lush plastic packaging to any of its stores for 50 pence credit. They also recycled 15 tonnes of PET product moulds in a closed loop, and recycled 998 tonnes of manufacturing waste, 81 percent of Lush’s total manufacturing waste for the UK.

The Green Hub is also home to wider Lush initiatives, including its ‘woodshop’ where store furnishings are recycled and repurposed, ‘repairs and maintenance’ section to prevent the brand from buying new, and ‘donations’ to ensure surplus products from manufacturing are distributed to charities nationwide.

Image: Federated Hermes/Fleet Corner; Lush, Green Hub

In addition, Lush has also invested in a Dissolved Air Flotation unit to process wastewater created in the brand's spa laundry and manufacturing processes. Tackling over 500 tonnes of dirty water each year, this unit will bring Lush's wastewater process treatment in-house, reducing transport emissions and allowing Lush's wastewater to be reused in a circular economy.

Chase Clark, manufacturing director at Lush, said in a statement: “At Lush, we are designing for zero waste. Our brand-new Green Hub at Fleets Corner allows us to close the loop on our packaging and water as we re-use, repurpose and repair materials, welcoming staff and the community with open arms into the world of zero waste.

“Fleets Corner has provided an ideal home for this, joining our warehousing and manufacturing units at the business park, it’s wonderful to have all these elements in one brilliantly connected location.”

Image: Federated Hermes/Fleet Corner; Lush, Green Hub