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LVMH, Fendi links with research labs to develop new biomaterials

By Rachel Douglass



Image: LVMH, Fendi - ARR

LVMH has announced its Fendi brand will be teaming up with Imperial College London and Central Saint Martins, UAL, in a strategic partnership that will utilise academic research for the production of bio-textiles.

Keratin will be at the focus of the two-year collaborative study, with the goal of developing a new fibre capable of mimicking luxury materials like fur.

The partnership comes as part of LVMH’s Life 360 environmental strategy, which involves a research and innovation programme centred around the development of sustainable luxury. It also builds on the Central Saint Martins-LVMH programme, Maison/0, first established in 2017.

“Ever since its foundation in 1925, Fendi has been at the forefront of experimentation, pioneering on traditional and innovative workmanship, providing our clients with the best sourced materials according to their personal choices,” said Serge Brunschwid, chairman and CEO of Fendi, in a release.

Brunschwid added: “Today we are actively and constantly engaged in the research and development of new resources that can offer even more sustainable options and we are proud of this new step alongside these globally renowned institutions and LVMH.”

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