Mango attracts almost 900,000 new online customers during lockdown

Spanish fashion brand Mango has said it attracted almost 900,000 new online customers during lockdown, bringing its active e-commerce customers to nearly six million.

Mango’s online turnover increased by almost 50 percent between 15 March and 1 June compared to the same period last year. In that same period, it registered over 140 million visits to its e-commerce platforms - a 20 percent increase year-on-year.

“In 2019, Mango online sales already accounted for 24 percent of our total turnover. And this year, our e-commerce channel has exceeded the initial growth target of 20 percent, which is without doubt an excellent figure,” Mango CEO Toni Ruiz said in a statement. “The lockdown caused by the Covid-19 health crisis has intensified the process of digital transformation within the sector.

“The fact that we launched our e-commerce business 20 years ago has allowed us to face this exceptional circumstance with full guarantees and the capacity to deal with the growth in e-commerce. We will continue to accelerate the digital transformation of the entire company.”

In 2019, Mango reported a 26.7 percent growth in online sales to 564 million euros, representing 24 percent of total group turnover.

Photo Credit: PR Consulting


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