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Mango launches conversational generative AI platform

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Mango headquarters Credits: Mango

Spanish fashion retailer Mango is taking the next step in its digital transformation with the launch of its own internal conversational generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform.

The platform, which goes by the name ‘Lisa,’ has been designed to help employees and partners of the retail group make improvements from the development of collections to the after-sales service.

‘Lisa’ has a similar interface to ChatCPT and was developed in less than nine months as part of the group’s ongoing technological transformation focusing on the life cycle of the industry’s main information assets: customers, stores, stock and product.

Jordi Álex, director of technology, data, privacy and security at Mango, said in a statement: “Generative artificial intelligence is an extended intelligence, in other words, a technology that will act as a co-pilot for our employees and stakeholders and that will help us extend our capacities, because technology will either make us more human or will be of no use.”

In addition to ‘Lisa,’ a year ago, Mango developed ‘Inspire,’ a generative AI platform of images, to help the company’s design and product team seek inspiration by viewing different concepts to co-create prints, fabrics, garments, etc. This resulted in the launch of more than 20 garments co-created with generative AI.