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Marchesa staff looking to leave company

By Kristopher Fraser

16 Oct 2017

One of the biggest headline makers throughout the fashion industry over the past several weeks has been the state of Marchesa after co-founder Georgina Chapman's husband Harvey Weinstein has been unveiled as a serial sexual assaulter. The question of whether the Weinstein scandal will affect the Marchesa brand .

Chapman has decided to leave Weinstein in the wake of this scandal, but she's not the only one jumping ship. The New York Post has reported that most of the staff at Marchesa is attempting to seek employment elsewhere.

Marchesa was known as a tough place, as Weinstein was allegedly notorious for being verbally abusive to Marchesa staffers.

Marchesa initially rose to fame thanks to Weinstein's powerful and influential Hollywood connections, as well as him requiring women who starred in his movies to wear Marchesa at least once on the red carpet.

Now, with Weinstein's name tainting Marchesa's reputation, even after Chapman decided to leave him, things are looking less than stellar for the brand. Helzberg Diamonds has cancelled their collaboration with the brand, and many soon-to-be brides are turning their back on the idea of wearing a Marchesa gown as well.

Chapman and Marchesa co-founder Keren Craig decided to cancel their press preview last week. Aside from Helzberg, no other retailers have announced whether or not they will drop Marchesa. The brand declined any requests for comment.

FashionUnited will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

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