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Marimekko to pilot closed-loop project using leftover materials

By Rachel Douglass



Marimekko's 'Mari' avatar wearing its Unikko hoodie as part of its collaboration with Pedrosa & Rodrigues. Image: Marimekko

Finnish textiles and clothing company Marimekko has revealed that it will begin piloting closed-loop circular economy textile production in its value chain.

The project was unveiled during start-up and technology event Slush 2022, where the brand also presented its first three-piece capsule collection of products partially made using regenerated fibres from the initiative.

Set to launch in 2023, the line consists of a ‘Unikko’ hoodie, which Marimekko debuted on its virtual avatar ‘Mari’ in a branded immersive space within the metaverse platform, Decentraland.

Developed in collaboration with Portuguese textile manufacturer Pedrosa & Rodrigues, the closed-loop initiative will see the waste and leftover materials from Marimekko’s jersey products be used as raw materials for new items.

In a release, the company noted a minimum of 20 percent of material, depending on the product, will be regenerated cotton fibre to ensure quality of a garment, with the rest to be virgin cotton.

Marimekko hopes the project will help to explore ways to reduce the environmental impact of textile production, as well as produce a life-cycle analysis of products using circular fibres by external experts.

It builds on the brand’s recent efforts to drive sustainable practices throughout the company, with it recently launching a resale marketplace and a similar collaboration with Spinnova, putting to use the firm’s cellulosic fibres.

Creative director of Marimekko Rebekka Bay said through the company’s material strategy, its long-term ambition was to “move towards fully circular materials that can be recycled several times” without compromising quality or durability.

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