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Matalan introduces GenAI to marketing tools

By Rachel Douglass


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Matalan logo displayed on a smartphone. Credits: Nikolas Kokovlis / NurPhoto via AFP.

Value retailer Matalan has announced the introduction of Generative AI (GenAI) to its systems, providing a tool that creates detailed product descriptions of items listed on its website.

To launch such a feature, the retailer partnered with digital consultancy Kin + Carta, which is helping to implement GenAI across all departments of the business, including clothing and homeware.

Through the tool, Matalan said that it hopes to deliver a seamless online experience for customers, while increasing team productivity four times over and making shopping easier for those online.

While the tool will utilise metadata and imagery to produce product descriptions, a team of copywriters will be responsible for overseeing the results and adding a human touch alongside the improvement of engine optimisation.

In a release, Ali Jones, chief customer and omnichannel offer for Matalan, said the company was the first in the UK to leverage GenAI in this way, adding: “Not only does it demonstrate innovation into new and so far unexplored areas, but it shows our commitment to putting our customers and the shopping experience first – whether they’re shopping on our website or through the Matalan app.

“This all ladders up to our ambitious business transformation, so it’s a proud moment to be announcing this industry-first, today.”