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‘Modernisation’ efforts at Fenwick lead to fear of layoffs

By Prachi Singh


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The department store chain Fenwick is said to be in discussion with its 2,000 staff members regarding organisational changes, which could lead to significant number of employees losing their jobs, reports BBC.

Planning to focus on omni-channel, Fenwick aims to launch an online shopping platform, while "modernising and reorganising the business" by centralising its operations. At the moment, its stores in London's Bond Street, Bracknell, Brent Cross, Canterbury, Colchester, Kingston, Tunbridge Wells and York, run autonomously.

The report added that the decision on layoffs will be announced after consultation process gets over. Fenwick also has plans move its human resources, IT and finance departments to its flagship Newcastle store.

In November last year, a ChronicleLive report said that Fenwick had initiated a plan with an investment of 55 million pounds (75.9 million dollars) over the next three years to introduce a spa, a men’s grooming salon, new fitness and footwear areas, as well as to re-launch of all its restaurants. The plan also included 30 million pounds (41.4 million dollars) investment in refurbishing its flagship store in Newcastle. At the same time, the company also planned investment of around 25 million pounds (34.5 million dollars) in refurbishing its multichannel offer along with its online platform.

Picture:Fenwick website