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Moose Knuckles targets EMEA growth with a showroom in Milan

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Moose Knuckles by Alecio Ferrari

Montreal-based Canadian luxury outerwear and ready-to-wear label Moose Knuckles has opened a new 10,760 square-foot showroom in Milan, Italy, as part of its Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) strategic growth strategy.

The new showroom, located in the design centric Tortona district of Milan, will serve as a “multifunctional recreational space” designed to bring to life the rebellious spirit of the Moose Knuckles brand DNA, explained the label.

Marco D’Avanzo, executive vice president of global sales and general manager at Moose Knuckles, said in a statement: “We couldn’t be more excited to announce the opening of our new EMEA headquarters and showroom here in Milan. This city has been home to our team since the beginning of our international journey only five years ago. This beautiful space puts our best foot forward to solidify our presence in the region.”

It has been designed in collaboration with Milan-based design firm Cara \ Davide and creative agency Motel409, inspired by the “Neo-nature” of the barren landscape of the Canadian Arctic tundra and the metropolitan, technological streetwear world.

Image: Moose Knuckles by Alecio Ferrari

Moose Knuckles opens Milan showroom as part of EMEA growth strategy

Highlights include the entrance ceiling being covered with LED screens, depicting celestial movements that give the illusion of being under a Canadian starry sky to draw the visitor into “a state of complete immersion in nature”. While inside the showroom, visitors walk through a floor-to-ceiling cave made from environmentally conscious materials, which goes through into the futuristic Club space with a hand-beaten steel bar station surrounded by hundreds of backlit PVC strips illuminating the area from all angles.

D’Avanzo added: “It sets the tone for the unique experience we want our customers and partners to enjoy with us, as we level up our brand narrative and build a multichannel presence to satisfy the growing demand. We envision this space to become a creative hub to support and partner with emerging talents, which has been part of the brand mission since the early days.”

Image: Moose Knuckles by Alecio Ferrari

The Milan showroom is its latest addition to support global expansion, this year’s Moose Knuckles also upgraded its Montreal headquarters and opened a new office in the heart of the Soho district of New York City, as well as in the Jing’an district of Shanghai, China.

The European team based in Milan will be tasked with managing the brand’s expansion in new territories such as Middle East and Eastern Europe, in addition to securing new partnerships in Turkey, Mexico, Southern America, Australia and New Zealand.

Image: Moose Knuckles by Alecio Ferrari
Image: Moose Knuckles by Alecio Ferrari