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NRI CEO Peter McKenna discusses relationship with Modexpress

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Image: NRI

Two years ago, NRI and Modexpress, two third-party logistics (3PL) companies, combined their expertise to provide logistical solutions to both new and existing customers in the fashion, footwear, and lifestyle industries across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

To find out more about the unique relationship, FashionUnited spoke to NRI’s CEO, Peter McKenna on the solutions they offer, the value proposition of both companies working together, and NRI’s growth plans for the future.

What makes the relationship between NRI and Modexpress unique?

Where many 3PLs may work with a broad variety of commodities, both NRI and Modexpress have chosen to only service customers in the apparel, footwear, and accessories space. This dedicated focus has allowed both our companies to develop extensive knowledge about the unique intricacies and requirements in these industries.

Through the relationship between our two companies, brands will benefit from the lengthy experiences and specifics of both the North American and European continents.

What is the story behind NRI and Modexpress’s genesis?

For years NRI and Modexpress have been leaders as 3PLs in North America and Europe respectively for the fashion and lifestyle industries. Both companies were looking to form a relationship across the Atlantic with a like business to which they could confidently refer clients and future business opportunities.

The relationship formed is that of two 3PLs who have each developed a suite of solutions through shared values, integrated culture, and services.

What’s the reason why NRI has not chosen to set up its own organisation in Europe (or likewise Modexpress in the US)

NRI believes strongly in a focus on core competencies. Since 1997, we have participated very successfully in the provision of services in North America. Our expansion beyond Canada into the USA was done so at the right time for our organisation to ensure success in the endeavour and, most importantly, for our clients.

Entering additional global markets is a future consideration. NRI strives to be successful with every pursued endeavour and global expansion is a calculated effort that relies on time.

Image: NRI

What distinct solutions do you offer?

At NRI, we see ourselves as a key element in the success of our clients. Our extensive experience in premium apparel, footwear and accessories fulfilment is tailored to our client’s needs and includes a wide range of services through wholesale, e-commerce, and retail channels.

NRI drives customer-focused solutions through a variety of approaches to cover the whole fulfilment journey; from providing packaging and sustainability advice to offering specialized technology and software.

What is the value proposition of NRI and Modexpress as leading 3PL providers?

As leading 3PL providers, NRI and Modexpress redefine 3PL relations on a global scale. We work as separate entities offering flexible, robust solutions for brands that can be fully operational and rapidly scalable. NRI and Modexpress seamlessly integrate with a combined 25+ warehouses across the USA, Canada, and Europe, and close to consumer concentration.

We both work as extensions of our client’s brands - providing guidance for companies looking to focus on their transatlantic distribution. Our solutions allow for a dynamic, globalized approach with a local presence.

We are focused on providing maximum value for our clients; examples ranging from helping leverage the Section 321 regulations for duty-free e-commerce deliveries, to managing product returns and refurbishment.

We offer a variety of highly competitive freight solutions with rate-shop functionality and execute tasks up until the final mile. We pride ourselves on speed and accuracy, so we can ensure peak readiness and unmatched fulfilment success rates.

How do culture and values play a role in the relationship?

NRI and Modexpress believe that our standards have helped us achieve success over the years and continue to be the fabric of our organisations. As we both continue to grow, we recognize and strive to follow our common values. We prioritise our people and clients with a continuous improvement approach, and to bettering our culture and community through sustainability, growth opportunities and giving back. We are adept in our local cultures across the world and pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion from North America to Europe and everywhere in between. We live and breathe these values not only through our business models but through our day-to-day actions.

Image: NRI

What growth plans do NRI and Modexpress have for the future?

NRI and Modexpress are excited to work cooperatively to better equip brands to distribute across the globe. We will naturally find the solutions to support global inventory control and aid in the management of best practices from warehouse to warehouse. NRI and Modexpress are here to share best practices, support market share increases for our respective clients, and strengthen supply chain solutions for the future.

How does the relationship overcome the time differences when it comes to operational visibility?

Timing is everything when it comes to operational agility. Both NRI and Modexpress have 24/7 client portals that provide transparency, order visibility, and tracking information on the order level. These portals are adept in providing storage reporting and throughput reporting regardless of the time difference and operational contrasts. Speed in communicating information across orders is essential to achieving peak production across operations.

Cor Noorlander, CCO at Modexpress, added “From the beginning of our collaboration, I have been impressed with the professional manner of working as displayed by NRI. Like Modexpress, NRI has chosen to operate only in the niche market of fashion, footwear and lifestyle. This focus is noticeable in every detail of the operation and communication. I am convinced that our relation will open many new doors in the fashion market.”

For more information, visit: Modexpress and NRI.