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nu-in goes vegan and signs up with Peta

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With public launch on Dec. 7th the sustainable fashion brand nu-in announced another bold step towards becoming a leader in the sustainable fashion movement by declaring themselves officially a vegan brand after signing up with animal protection icons PETA.

The founders of nu-in explained in a public letter, that after deep consideration of whether the brand will need any animal-based materials to make the products they want, they found that there is no reason for them to kill and torture animals in food or fashion. For nu-in sustainability and fashion goes hand in hand. Clear and firm for the future and now officially approved.

Stefanie Giesinger, co-founder of nu-in: “We started nu-in with a bold mission. To create a force for change towards sustainability in fashion. Since launching, we’re often asked if we are a vegan brand. We knew we hadn’t used any animal products so far in our journey, but had not discussed whether that does mean we would never need to?

The way in which we farm livestock and consume animal products is truly unsustainable and unbalanced. Farming livestock puts an enormous pressure on our planet, alone it is responsible for almost 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. With the expansion of this industry it has occupied 77% of our agricultural land and destroyed many natural habitats damaging our planet's ecosystems severely.

So we had to ask ourselves... Do we really need any animal products to make the clothes we want to be making? And if we do, can we really say that leather and fur are just byproducts from the industry? Can we source wool sustainably whilst making sure that the animals are really well looked after? And even if they are, is it ethical and does it fit in the sustainable vision of the future we are striving towards?

The simple answer for us is no.

There is no real reason for killing and torturing animals for our own personal gains in food and fashion. No animals have been, or will be harmed in the manufacturing of our products and we feel it's important to be clear on this and stand firm on our mission going forward.”

nu-in has been founded with the mission to be the overdue change in the fashion industry in sustainability. Incepted in May 2020 by Mike Mikkelborg, Sefanie Giesinger, Marcus Butler and Poppy Warwicker-Le Breton, the brand strives for offering inspiring fashion, sustainable, yet affordable for many and not just luxury for a few.

Fashion that does not cost the earth! The brand has a unique direct to consumer business model through their own web-site and with partners as platform giants like About You , Zalando and The Iconic as well as lighthouse customers like Engelhorn, L&T and Breuninger.

More about NU-IN >>>  https://fashionunited.com/companies/nu-in

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