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Oeko-tex launches carbon and water usage measuring tool

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Oeko-tex

Sustainable solutions company Oeko-tex has revealed its new Impact Calculator tool, designed to measure and quantify carbon and water usage in line with fashion retailers’ climate goals.

The calculator allows brands to identify the largest carbon and water impacts in their production process, as well as inform them on where to take action to improve operations and meet reduction targets. Additionally, the tool allows customers, investors and stakeholders to gain a better understanding of a company’s carbon and water footprint data, for better transparency.

Oeko-tex identified over 100 key production activities in a product and corporate life cycle assessment that can aid in the measurement of both carbon and water usage.

The real-time data the tool provides reports on the company’s footprint per facility, process step or one kilogram of material output produced.

Oeko-tex’s secretary-general, Georg Dieners, said in a statement: “Transparency is the decisive factor to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption in supply chains. Embedding criteria for CO2 emissions and water consumption is a logical step toward even more transparency.”

The industry-specific tool will be available for Step by Oeko-tex customers. Calculations will be implemented into facility certifications and will enable customers to potentially gain the Made in Green by Oeko-tex product label.

Later in 2022, the company will also be introducing a new certification for corporate due diligence, entitled Responsible Business by Oeko-tex. The certification will recognise brands and retailers that express a commitment to international agreements for human rights and environmental protection.

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