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Oh Polly to begin charging 'serial refunders' nine pounds for returns

By Rachel Douglass


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Oh Polly x Ekin-Su by photographer Owen DeValk Credits: Oh Polly x Ekin-Su.

Fast fashion retailer Oh Polly is hopping on the bandwagon of charging for returns with its own policy that is hoping to put a stop to serial refunding.

A new return fee policy introduced by the e-tailer will now be based on a consumer’s rate of returns in the UK.

If a shopper wishes to return up to 50 percent of their order, for example, they will be required to pay 2.99 pounds. This figure, in turn, rises depending on the amount sent back, with the highest category – 90 to 100 percent of the order – to require an 8.99 pound return charge.

In addition to this, customers that are deemed to have high return rates and therefore display “unusual returns activity” will be subject to an increased fee that will only decrease once their return rate falls and a review into their activity is carried out.

In a message to customers, the company said: “We really value our customers, however one of the ways that we keep prices down is by being fair to all.

“People with high return rates increase the cost of business, and we can either alter prices collectively for all, or only for those who fit into this category.”

This sentiment was shared by retail payment experts at Dojo, who noted that ‘buy now, pay later’ initiatives are among those contributing to the increase in purchases by customers, ultimately causing mass returns.

Speaking to FashionUnited, the card payment provider said: “This is a move to help decrease the amount of unnecessary returns customers are making and to help offset the costs incurred during the returns process.

“When considering how much to order, customers should take into account only buying what they need otherwise they could face costly refund amounts in the future as we expect to see more retailers follow suit to manage their revenue and sales projections.”

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