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Parsons reveals results of first Roblox design course in showcase

By Rachel Douglass


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Roblox Course Preliminary Showcase, Roblox x Parsons School of Design. Image: Roblox

The New School’s Parsons School of Design is set to showcase the work of students that took part in its first collaborative course with metaverse platform Roblox.

The school will be presenting the digital fashion creations at its Roblox Course Preliminary Showcase, set in the Welcome Center of its New York City campus.

In the exhibition, it will be possible to view the 3D digital apparel created for the metaverse by students participating in the course, which spanned 16 weeks and focused on exploring trends and developing digital designs.

Within the space will be three interactive experiences exploring the topic, while the students’ work will also be available to purchase via Roblox’s Marketplace.

In a release, Kyle Li, assistant professor of communication design and technology at Parsons, said that the designs on display showed how students brought inspiration from various creative backgrounds and had pushed the boundaries of what was possible with metaverse-only garments.

Li added: “This is a new milestone for user-generated content and digital fashion design at the University, and our students are at the very front of it.”

Parsons and Roblox said they would continue working together to expand access to design education through their licensing partnership.

The recent collaboration builds on Parsons’ ‘The New School’s N Ventures’ enterprise, which looks to grow accessibility to design learning via partnerships with organisations and learning programmes.

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