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Pentland names new leadership at owned brands

By Rachel Douglass


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Ellesse brand campaign. Credits: Ellesse.

Pentland Brands has announced a slew of new leadership appointments beginning this month at a number of its owned brands as part of its efforts to elevate product and identity.

At Speedo, Simon Breckon has been named senior vice president, a step up from when he initially joined the group in 2018, from which time he was credited with playing a pivotal role in “globalising Ellesse product development”.

Breckon, who was further acknowledged for building “successful commercial partnerships”, will be succeeded by Jack Richardson, who will be taking over to lead product and marketing at the Ellesse and Mitre brands globally, as well as Kickers in the UK.

Richardson had previously served as vice president for Canterbury and Teamwear, where he had helped to turnaround performance in the EMEA region and increase sales.

His prior responsibilities at Canterbury will be passed onto Luke Doddrell, who joined Pentland over one year ago as the brand’s general manager and Pentland’s commercial director, Asia Pacific.

During this time, Pentland said that Doddrell had led the delivery of “strong profits” for the brand in Australia and New Zealand, and had further “set the foundations for sustainable global brand growth in 2024 and beyond”.

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