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Pinterest working on ‘body type’ tech

By Rachel Douglass


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Pinterest to introduce body type ranges. Credits: Pinterest.

Social media platform Pinterest has said that it is working on “body type technology” that would allow users to refine their searches for women’s fashion and wedding ideas based on different body types.

The tech builds on similar tools introduced for hair patterns and skin tones, all of which contribute to the platform’s efforts to form a more inclusive offering.

Pinterest said the introduction of such a feature caters to the increase in body positive content, which has seen a 95 percent increase in searches on the site over the last three months.

There has further been an increase in search data for terms like ‘different body types’, ‘body types women’, ‘mid size outfits’ and ‘petite fashion’.

It also addresses heightened user activity in relation to the topic, with Pinterest reporting that people who use body type ranges had a 66 percent higher engagement rate per session on the platform than those who haven’t used the tool.

The new tool is currently being tested in Canada and will later be introduced in the US followed by the UK, with a men’s fashion category to be added later this year.

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