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Poshmark and EnviroKlenz team up to reduce clothing waste

By Cenia Zitter


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Image: Poshmark

Poshmark, a second hand market place, and EnviroKlenz, provider of innovative laundry solutions, announced their new partnership in cooperation with brand ambassadors to promote second hand shopping and reduce textile waste.

The intention is to retain clothes “in circulation for longer and help make a positive impact on the planet”, as stated in a release.

By encouraging consumers to purchase second hand clothing and resell their own items that are still in good condition the parties want to oppose the rise in fast fashion and push for more sustainability.

EnviroKlenz is going to educate consumers on how to properly clean and take care of items that have been bought preloved or need to be restored and prepared for sale. The ambassadors will share advice on the topic using the brand’s products.

Alysa Burch, director of marketing of EnviroKlenz, said: “Together, we hope to inspire consumers to make more environmentally responsible choices when it comes to fashion, and to help them extend the life of their clothing items with our safe and effective laundry products.”

Updates, news, as well as behind the scenes content will be published on the companies’ social media.

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